Festivities and food?!

Another Holiday Weekend?!

                No matter what month it is, you can guarantee some sort of social event will be planned and calling your name. You know what that means…FOOD! For most of us, it’s food that we don’t normally have in our daily diets. Try as you might, staying on a regular diet and fitness regimen is harder than it seems when these social events ‘pop-up.’ Fortunately, there are a few diet and fitness tips to help keep the extra pounds off and the fitness level up.

Diet tips:

1. Eat in moderation.

2. Watch portion sizes.

3. Fill your plate with fresh vegetables and fruits. On that note, volunteer to bring the vegetable and fruit trays!

4. Avoid the gravy and butter laden sauces.

5. Eat small meals throughout the day to avoid gorging/overeating. This could be as simple as fixing yourself a plate full of vegetables and fruit or grabbing a handful of raw nuts.

6. Drinking warm beverages (green/herbal tea, lemon water, decaf coffee, etc.) help to control      overeating.

Fitness tips:

1. Park further away at the market. Adding any distance to your normal walking routine will help burn more calories and keep metabolism up.

2. While preparing for a house full of people or to travel, make small trips up and down the stairs (putting away laundry, cleaning, organizing, packing, etc.). I like to sprint up the stairs, then run down them.

3. Plan an after Thanksgiving dinner walk. Not only are you exercising together as a family, but you’re sharing stories and making new memories!

4. Incorporate lunges and squats wherever you can! I like to lunge to and from the refrigerator while cooking and squat as I’m putting away groceries or dishes.

5. If you are going up and down the stairs, you might as well do a few incline pushups too! 20 would be a good idea.

6. Do what the kids do! Play their games. Chase them around the yard/house. They will love it and you will be working hard just trying to keep up with them!

Enjoy your festivities and remember to try out a few diet and fitness tips!  You just might be pleasantly surprised at how painless they really are!

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